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Makeup that looks good. And does good.

“Most will agree that makeup comes with a trade-off - you can either have high-performance makeup, which may not necessarily be skin-loving or natural formulations that lack the efficacy of high-performance makeup.”
- Pritesh Asher

At Juicy Chemistry, we’re no strangers to questioning the status quo around organic beauty. Over the years, we’ve been able to prove just how potent and efficacious organic formulations can be with our clinically proven range of skin and hair care products.

Driven by traits like Trust, Traceability, and Transparency, over the years of our existence, we were asked by our customers to venture into the world of color cosmetics to provide skin-loving alternatives for their everyday makeup rituals.

Lockdown in 2020 gave us an opportunity to dive deep into the world of makeup. Through our research, it became increasingly clear that makeup came with a trade-off – you can either have high-performance makeup that is formulated only for efficacy or natural formulations that lack the efficacy.

It helped us identify a gap, an actual problem, and we knew what we had to do next – curate a range that was equal parts high-performance and skin-loving formulas, all of that wrapped up in a natural organic formulation.

It has been a project that has seen us scour through hundreds of formulations, a mountain of compliance, and paperwork to bring you 120+ SKUs. Color Chemistry is the result of 24 months of intense research to launch products across 15 categories comprising a 10-member core team, 4 manufacturing locations, 3 consulting firms, and 2 award-winning makeup artists to bring you one high-performance product range that is high on quality, organic, sustainably packaged and ethically sourced.

The idea behind Color Chemistry is simple - we want our customers to think of makeup as an extension of one’s beauty routine. After all, makeup should be both skin-loving and high-performance. Our inclusive range is gender-neutral, cruelty-free, and formulated with purpose and integrity. 

We’re elated to bring you our range of certified organic color cosmetics range, where organic meets makeup. Color Chemistry has a range of certified organic make-up line from the house of Juicy Chemistry that combines performance, pigment, and skin-loving ingredients. Yes, Makeup just got a much-needed Makeover!

Color Chemistry is our effort to create maximum impact with minimal effort, a world where makeup is more natural, less made up, and skin health is given as much importance as efficacy.